DC Cabs Nowhere to be Seen

Riders find it hard enough to get a cab in Adams Morgan on Friday and Saturday nights. But a recent boycott of the area by city cab drivers made it even harder. Partiers trying to get home between one and four a.m. last weekend found themselves walking quite a distance or waiting in long lines to grab a cab. Drivers are angry about a recent proposal by DC City Council member Jim Graham to establish a new system requiring drivers to pay a monthly fee in order to operate. That bill was pulled, but cab drivers still say the metered fare system instituted last year needs some modifications.


One comment

  1. Bob May · October 7, 2009

    Well.. You were up way past your bedtime to produce your excellent news piece on the taxi strike in that fancy neighborhood. But, I won’t make you write on the black board. As always, I found your writing captivating, interviews enlightening, video illuminating and the news content aborbing. Give yourself an “A” for work well done. I wish I could write well enough to tell you how proud I am of you.

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